Easter Round-up

I’m not to best “plan ahead” kind of mom.  While I may pin a few crafts on Pinterest, most of them will not make it to fruition.   A week ago I had thought about doing one of those potting soil, empty tomb crafts. I thought maybe we’d actually do it this year. And again, time just gets away from me (busy season of life, anyone?).

This upcoming week, though, I hope to be intentional with the kids about looking forward to Easter and the reason we celebrate.

The wonderful thing about Easter is that there are endless opportunities to teach and remember its significance just naturally occurring in daily life. We struggle. We fail. Our children struggle and fail. We remember that we need a rescuer. Easter’s message is the gospel– Jesus died for our sins, was buried in a tomb, and was raised from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-3). This is a message that we should be repeating to ourselves daily and one that we should be repeating to our children daily.

I’m praying that this week I will be reminded anew of the Lord’s amazing grace. I’m praying that my children will begin to get glimpses of God’s glory and love, and His eternal plan to magnify His name in the salvation of sinners.

Easter Round-Up

Do you have anything special planned for this week?

How do you teach your kids about Easter?



One thought on “Easter Round-up

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