A Bunny Came and Left Us Dinner


Our children are still rather young (almost 4, 2, and 3 months) so we are still evaluating and establishing traditions for our family. We did not do much in terms of Easter celebrations this year. However, my oldest son Jack had been anticipating for months a certain egg hunt.  That egg hunt was canceled, though, so I was keen on finding an alternative. We did hide our resurrection eggs in the house so the boys could find them before we discussed the Easter story. But Jack knew from experience that finding eggs should involve some candy.

We believe in an “everything in moderation” approach to food. Because I try and provide as much healthy, whole foods as I can when we are at home, I don’t stress the occasional treats and we try to model a genuine thankfulness for whatever food we receive. If we had participated in a community egg hunt again this year, I probably would have done exactly what I did last year– give the boys enough of the candy to make the occasion special, while relocating some of their candy which I would rather they not eat. A win-win.

Rain and cloudy weather made me scrap our plans for an egg hunt at our house on Saturday. And a busy Sunday morning, followed by a lunch fellowship at church, left me at late afternoon with still no egg hunt in the plans. Moreover, a certain health food store’s selling out of Easter candy meant that I was low on good candy options for the eggs.

Only the evening hours left. Limited candy options. Sunshine. A need to figure out dinner. An idea for a new Easter tradition.

Egg Hunt Picnic

Since we needed to eat dinner anyway, I thought it would be fun to fill eggs with the makings of a picnic dinner for the boys.

DSC09282I filled the eggs with blueberries, SnapPea Crisps, Babybel cheese, nuts, UNREAL m&m’s, and a peanut butter & oat snack ball.

I threw some other dinner options for the grown-ups, drinks, and plates in a picnic basket and we drove to a local park. After quickly hiding the dozen eggs, I let the boys loose. (With instructions to only collect the eggs but not to open them until we were ready to picnic). 

DSC09286 DSC09292



I know you can relate– isn’t it just so wonderful to see your children having fun? Knowing that you helped to create a fun new memory, and if that memory takes place on a beautiful Spring evening in a field next to a pretty lake– well that’s just even more icing on the cake. 

Once all twelve eggs were found, we spread out our picnic blanket on the dock. The boys opened up the eggs and emptied the contents onto their plates. As it happened, they only had to switch eggs once or twice so they would have one of each “entree”.

DSC09317 DSC09324

We had a really great time together. My husband commented that simplicity accounts for some of the sweetest times together. I completely agree. The boys enjoyed their egg hunt. They had a great time eating dinner on the dock, imagining the whales and sharks that were probably swimming in the lake. And we all enjoyed the peacefulness that so often accompanies fresh air, green grass, and a quiet sunset.

I think that this is a tradition to remember. Though in time I will probably need to invest in eggs that can contain enough food to satiate my growing boys. 

What are some of your family’s favorite Easter traditions?

Can you think of more foods that would fit well in plastic eggs for a picnic egg hunt?


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