Good News

The good news is a message that everyone needs to hear. The angels told the shepherds not to fear because they had good news to tell them– the good news was the birth of Christ and the coming of a Savior.

Why Is This Good News? 

  • The God who created the world and everything in it is holy. That means that He is completely set apart. He is righteous, good, and just.
  • We are not holy. Everyone knows that people are not perfect. We sin. In innumerable ways during our lives, we have done things that are not righteous, good, and just. And it’s not only in our actions that we are displeasing to God, it’s in our hearts. We are sinners by nature, not simply by action.
  • Our sin is against God. Lying, stealing, adultery, murder, jealousy, disrespect, etc– these are not primarily offenses against the people in our lives. First and foremost, they dishonor God and offend His holy nature.
  • We cannot earn God’s favor on our own. No matter how many good things we do to make up for the bad, no matter how well we love other people or how much we strive to be the best version of us, we still cannot merit salvation. Sin has separated us from God and it is too great a divide for us to come back on our own efforts.
  • We need help. Without God, we are lost and spiritually dead in our sins. Those whose lives end in this state will be separated from God forever.

But There Is HOPE.

  • In God’s unfathomable kindness, He sent Jesus Christ to redeem His people.
  • Jesus lived a perfect life, always doing the things that are pleasing to God, His Father.
  • Jesus not only lived, but He died. Our sin demands punishment. In the same way that a just judge cannot overlook breaking the law, God cannot overlook sin. Jesus took the punishment our sin deserved when He died on the cross.
  • After He died, He was buried in a borrowed tomb. But on the third day God raised Jesus from the dead.
  • Jesus now reigns in Heaven extending the free gift of salvation to everyone who would turn from their sins and trust wholly in Him for eternal life.

Jesus lived the life you could never live. Jesus paid the price for sin you could never pay. There is forgiveness full and free for all who humble themselves and put their faith in Him.

This is hope for the brokenhearted. This is rest from all our striving to be good enough. This is freedom from fear of condemnation. This is good news.

More online resources to help you understand this good  news:

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