5 Simple Steps to a Tidy Home

Dirty clothes. Toys. Breakfast dishes. Clean clothes. Lunch dishes. More toys. Craft projects. Multiple stacks of books. Dinner dishes. And on. And on. (And on). 

These things scattered about our tabletops and floors fill our days. And we are thankful for them because they remind us that life is being lived in our homes. I’m sure you’ve heard before to be thankful for dirty clothes because they are soiled while our children are off having adventures; be thankful for dirty dishes because they mean that bellies are full from a meal (and hopefully good conversation) shared together around a table; be thankful for toys and crafts and books because they are signs of creativity and learning.

Even as we are thankful for all this proof of life in our homes, we don’t want to be overrun by it. The idea of a tidy home may be one that is scoffed at and written off as impossible with little children afoot. But it is possible.

5 simple steps to a tidy home

I was never especially tidy growing up. It’s really only been the past few years that I have began to see what a difference a tidy home can make. It makes a difference to my husband. To my children. And to me.

A tidy kitchen is an invitation to cook.

A tidy bedroom is an invitation to relax.

A tidy living room is an invitation for toys to be spread out.

A tidy dining room is an invitation to linger over dinner with good company.

My children are (almost) 4, 2, and 4 months. They have lots of things. I love to cook and create. My husband is not lacking for stuff either. These are the steps that I take that help me to tame the mess. I hope they help you too.

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Summer Backyard Bucket List


I’ve recently been thinking about Spring being here and summer being on our doorstep. Spring and summer have always been my favorite seasons, but now that I have children I love them even more. Our boys are at magic ages of (almost) 4 and 2 years old. So much is still a new discovery for them and it is thrilling to watch their delight in the world around them.

I want my boys’ (and future children) childhoods to be rich with imagination, exploration, and good old physical fun.

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Patriotic Hand Pies


Foods are often intertwined with memories in our minds. We connect significant events with a certain cookie or cake that was baked for the occasion. Or a delicious meal always reminds us of the special friend with whom we shared both the food as well as a lot of laughter or tears. A lot of the time we don’t even realize a food’s connection until we take a bite and our brains are flooded with emotion and memory.

I am certain that these hand pies will always remind me of our cookout last night. Prepared with love in my kitchen beforehand, we brought them along with our meat to grill and a side salad. The evening was well spent at a family from our church’s house. In fact, it was so well spent that we kept our kids out later than ever before– simply because we were all having such a good time and had no idea what the time was.

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